Book Review: “Lana Rain” By June Cook

Lana Rain, also known as Lily Rains is a fictional character in the world of video games, television and more specifically, in the Facebook game called The Sims. She is the alter ego of Daisyago, an out villain of the series who is also the mother of one of the main characters in the game, The Sims Medieval. She is one of the few female sims whose clothing is completely removed from her avatar when she becomes a character in the game, making her appear like a modern day version of Alucard, the grim reaper from the series of horror films. In fact, it is said that the designers of the game saw the possibility of this character having a life and decided to have her appear in the game as a virtual character, but Lily seems to prefer being a virtual character.

Lily Rain is an orphan who has a passion for literature, specifically a variety of it written by her favorite author, Audubon Society. This is evidenced by the fact that she regularly posts on her wall about her love for the works of her favorite author. On her birthday, June, she requests her friend, Mae Whitman, to read her a book by her favorite author, which happens to be The Cats of thirteenth Floor. However, Lily is unaware that The cats of thirteenth floor is actually a fictional character. Lily soon finds out that she has been invited to an upcoming party, hosted by none other than her favorite Simsense character, Posey.

At the party, Lily meets her best friend, Simssense, who immediately falls in love with her, and the two become fast friends. During one of their dates, they are accidentally trapped in a cave and are forced to survive by themselves for several days, while searching for a way out. While searching, they learn that one of the objects lying in a nearby cave has magical abilities, and that is the key to their survival. As the object is found, the two are reunited, and Lily is introduced to her lifelong best friend, Simssense. As the friendship develops, the girls also learn more about each other, as Simssense develops a crush on Lily.

In addition to being published by Random House, this book is also available via online publishing. It can be purchased through Amazon, as well as numerous other retailers. All of these websites provide a detailed synopsis of the plot, as well as information about the main characters within the book. In addition, several famous cover art images for the book have also been released through various retailers; allowing fans to enjoy a close up look at the book’s cover art.

The Cat’s Cradle, written by June Cook, is a fun, humorous, and exciting book for children, teens, and adults. The characters are engaging and funny, and the storyline is not only interesting, but full of romance and excitement. The characters are also prone to mischievous behavior, as they put their own schemes into action and are not above using their friends to help them accomplish their goals. It would have been interesting to have more back-story added to the book, but as it is, the reader is kept busy from start to finish, throughout the whole book. This kept things exciting, and readers’ interest was never dull.

This book is readily available on Amazon, as well as many other online retailers. It can be purchased by purchasing the book, or by purchasing the e-book copy, which can be purchased at a discounted price. Both versions of the book are available for purchase, and in either case, it can be an excellent investment. Readers will not be disappointed with this enchanting novel. Readers will also discover that Simsense and Lily Rain is definitely a couple for all time!